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       This Subsidiary Training Centre came into existence on 15th march 1968 at Shillong (Megahalaya) . Shri R. Chonthou, IPS, the then Commandant, 81 BN BSF raised this centre at Umpling Complex in Shillong. Shri S N Hazarika, AC was detailed to look after the STC till posting of a permanent incumbent. Shri R K Gurung, AC was the first officer posted to this Centre who joined on 1st July 1968. This STC was raised to -

(I) impart basic training to recruits of BSF units located in the then NEF/Assam.

(II) Impart pre-course training to BSF persons of the then NEF .

(III) Organise and run Frontier Level course and cadres.


     In Feb 1970, the STC was shifted from Umpling to Mawapt in Shillong.


     In 1981, STC BSF Agartala and STC Koirangei in Manipur were merged with STC BSF Shillong. On 11.6.1981 Shri Jagtar Singh, Commandant, was appointed as the first Commandant of this STC. Since then following officers have commanded this STC :-       




1 Shri M L Chobey, Comdt 08.6.1985 to 01.6.1986
2 Shri Jaswant Singh, Comdt 02.6.1986 to 14.6.1987
3 Shri P K Chatterjee, Comdt 15.6.1987 to 06.9.1990
4 Shri Vikram Singh, A.DIG 07.9.1990 to 02.5.1991
5 Shri V K Dabral, A.DIG 25.5.1991 to 15.8.1993
6 Shri S C Pradhan, A.DIG 16.8.1993 to 20.1.1996
7 Shri A S Choudhary, A.DIG 16.8.1993 to 20.1.1996
8 Shri A S Choudhary, A.DIG 20.1.1996 to 15.10.1998
9 Shri S C Yadav, A.DIG 17.1.1999 to 21.9.2000
10 Shri M L Basan,A.DIG 22.9.2000 to 10.6.2002
11 Shri Vijay Lakra, A.DIG 10.6.2002 to 26.6.2004
12 Shri Dilbag Singh Sidhu,DIG 26.4.2004 to 05.4.2006
13 Shri Sanjeb Krish Sodh, DIG 05.4.2006 to 22.7.2007
14 Shri Raj Singh Mathore, DIG 21.1.2008 to 30.6.2009
15 Shri Ashok Kumar Yadav, DIG 31.7.2009 to 18.8.2010
16 Shri Baljeet Singh Kasana, DIG 02.9.2010 to 26.6.2014
17 Shri Umesh Chand Hazarika ,DIG 14.7.2014 to 20.3.2017
18 Shri Gentinlal Comdt, Offg ,DIG 21.3.2017 to 31.3.2017
19 Shri S R Ojha ,IPS ,IG 01.4.2017 to 12.9.2017
20 Shri Gentinlal, Comdt,Offg, IG 13.9.2017 to 16.12.2017
21 Shri L. Mohanti,IPS, IG 17.12.2017 to 12.2.2018
22 Dr. Sabu A Joseph, IG 12.02.2018 to 04.05.2018
23 Shri Solomon Yash Kumar Minz ,IPS ,IG Present Inspector General


Finally STC was shifted and started functioning at Churachandpur w.e.f. 16th Feb’1990. 

     Ø Finally STC was shifted and started functioning at Churachandpur w.e.f. 16th Feb’1990.

Ø During the ethnic clashes of 1997 between Zomi & Kuki tribes, STC Churachandpur did a commendable job by way of giving shelter and providing medical cover and rations etc. to the victims. The refugee camp was also established by STC during the ethnic clashes and all possible help and assistance was provided to the needy people. The action taken by BSF was highly appreciated by the Govt. of Manipur and local population.

Ø Since its inception, 228 batches of Constables/Enrolled followers have been passed out after Basic Training.  

Ø This STC was honoured by Shri T. Ananthachari, IPS and Shri D.K. Arya, IPS both DsG BSF with their presence for reviewing the Attestation Parade of recruit batches.

Ø His Excellency, ShriVedMarwah, Governor of Manipur State had visited this STC on 06th June 2000 as Chief Guest for the Attestation Parade of batch No.124 and 125. The remarks of his Excellency are as under: -

  “Excellent parade and credit goes to the Officers, Staff and Instructors of STC BSF Churachandpur”.

    Ø Shri A S Siddique, IPS, DG, (Police), Manipur visited this STC on 15th June 2001 as Chief Guest of Attestation Parade of recruit Batch No. 135. The remarks of DG (Police) Manipur are as under:-

  “One of the best parade of Border Security Force and credit goes to the Officers, Staff and Instructors of STC BSF Churachandpur”.

     Ø  Shri Y Joy Kumar Singh, IPS, DGP Manipur witnessed the Attesting Parade of recruit Constables of Bihar Police Batch No. 173 & 175 on 8th May 2009 and appreciated the march past.

  Ø  ShriLalThanhawla, Honorable Chief Minister, Mizoram had visited this STC on 10th Dec’2011 and appreciated the training standard.

      Ø  Dr. H T Sangliana, Vice Chairperson, National Commission for Minorities, Govt of India had visited this STC on 7th May 2012 and remarked that

“It was satisfying to hear from the public that the present DIG Mr Kasanahas affected admirable environment in the running of the establishment particularly the campus roads which have been asphalted in the recent time. I sure more will be done even for improvement of water supply and the approach road to the centre from the main road. I found the commandant Mr Raj Kumar and his officers well motivated and keen to do their best. 

    MrPhungzathangTonsing, Hon’ble Cabinet Minister for Health & Family welfare, Govt of Manipur reviewed the Attestation Parade of Batch No.197  on 12th May 2012 and remarked that :-

   “I attended the POP of batch No. 197 ceremony as Chief Guest today.  I am very proud of the activities rendered by STC BSF officials and Shri B S Kasanajee which is remarkable achievements of all-round activities.

Ø    Shri B D Sharma, IPS, Addl DG, HQ Spl DG (East) BSF Kolkata  reviewed the Attestation Parade of Recruit Constables batch No.203 & 204 on 29th Jan’2013 and appreciated the Parade.

Ø    His Excellency, ShriGurbachanJagat, Governor of Manipur inaugurated the SatishYadav, Parade Ground at STC BSF Churachandpur on 6TH June 2013 and appreciated the achievement of STC.

Ø    ShriVungzaginValte, the hon’ble Member of Legislative Assembly visited this STC on 10th Oct 2014 and witnessed the colourful Attestation Parade of 167 Constable/Recruits of Batch No.218.  The parade was witnessed by officials from various Security Forces/Armed Forces and civil authorities/civilians from Churachandpur area. The hon’ble MLA expressed his great concern and admired the training imparted by STC for acquiring professional skills and motivated to nurture good values and positive attitude in the personal and professional future life.

Ø    Shri M L Batham, AddlDG(Logistics) visited this STC on 13th Nov 2014 and witnessed the colourful Attestation Parade of 175 Constable/Recruits of Batch No. 220 on 14th Nov 2014 and expressed confidence that the skills acquired by these Constables during training will certainly help them in becoming an effective Border Guarding Force and accept the challenges assigned to them in future.


    In addition to imparting foundation training newly appointed Constables and conducting in-service courses for trained soldiers of BSF, this STC has imparted training to the constabulary of State Police also.  So far 1393 constables of Bihar, Jharkhand, Orissa IRB, Manipur Rifles and Tripura State Rifle has been imparted basic training.


o   Apart from excellent record of imparting quality training, STC Churachandpur has an outstanding track record of performing well in games and sports.


o   An Inter STC/BTC volley ball tournament, first of its kind was organized at STC BSF Jodhpur during the month of Dec 2002. Team of this STC won the volleyball championship. During the same year, the football team was runner up in inter STC/BTC football tournament held at STC North Bengal.


o   No. 01555201 RC Emami Ali, while undergoing basic training at this STC was selected for BSF central Boxing team vide FHQ Order No. 42/07/2003/S.Trg/BSF/146-56 dated 06 Jan’ 2003.



o   In March’ 2003, during Frontier raising day celebrations, ShriAnamSaxena, DC of this STC commanded the raising day parade. Our volley ball team was the winner and the STC Badminton team stood 2nd in the tournaments held to mark the occasion.


o   During inter STC/BTC volleyball competition held at STC Jodhpur from 7th to 10th June 2004, STC volleyball team won the runners up trophy.  No. 00006055 R/C Rajesh Kumar TV of 130 Bn BSF who was undergoing BRT at this STC was selected for the BSF Central volleyball team.



o   During the inter STC/BTC Football competition held on Oct / Nov 2004 at STC BSF North Bengal, the team of this STC won the championship.


o   Football & Hockey team of this STC secured second position during inter STC/BTC sports competition 2005-06 conducted at STC Kharka camp. 



o   During the inter STC/BTC Handball competition held at this STC with effect from  14th to 18th Nov 2006, the team of this STC  won the championship.


o   During lnter STC Kabaddi competition held at STC Udhampur from 29 to 31st Aug 2007, the team of STC Churachandpurwon the Gold Medal and brought laurels to the A&M Frontier.


o   During Inter STC Volley / Basket Ball Championship held at STC Kashmir from 17 to 22 Sept 2007, the team of this STC won the 2nd position in Basket Ball and 3rd position in Volley Ball.


o   During Cross Country Championship held at STC BSF Kharkan Camp on 15 & 16 Nov 2007, this STC won the 3rd position.



o   During Inter BTC / STC / Training Institution Boxing competition held at 25 Bn BSF, Chhawla Camp New Delhi on 04 to 06 March 2008, STCChurachandpurwon the 3rd position.


o   Constable  Khaigoulal having   75% disability (due to amputation of right leg) is posted in this STC who have been provided Artificial limb in consultation with Aditya Mehta Foundation. The individual was recently participated in BSF Cycling expedition and the foundation now felt to provide him more  specialized prosthetic limb to him to make him participate in various competitions for differently abled personal as well as to make his career option.  The alteration process of the artificial limb in question amounts to about Rs. 5.5 lac which is under consideration at FHQ AdmDte.  The individual has recently been granted DG’s CR on participating the BSF para cycling expedition at Himachal Pradesh. Now, the said individual is being send for  “Para  Cycling Trg camp at Hyderabad to take part in Para Cycling competitions.



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