1.BRT:-  This STC imparting the quality basic training to all newly selected recruit and preparing them to face the challenges on the Borderline. To make them the real hero as BSF is known as the First Line Of Defence


2.In Service Courses:-  This STC is having the training to BSF personnel in various in-service courses i.e GLC Phase-1&2, MR-1st & 2nd Standard and Platoon leader Course. Counter Insurgency & Commando.


3.Force level Courses:-  This premiere institute is also imparting training to the various level courses i.e PT&UAC,CI&CDO Pre and PT&UAC pre, preparing the quality instructors for future.


4.SATS:-  There is availability of the SATS in the STC for improving the firing of the recruits and to develop the marksman skill to achieve the basic principal of firing Shoot to Kill.


5.MAP READING MUSEUM:-  This STC is having the MR Museum for imparting quality training to the recruits and also in advance courses to make the training and learning process more effective.

6.FE&BD MUSEUM:-  There is availability of the FE&BD Museum at this STC to impart quality training to the troops.


7.DRILL NURSERY:-  There is availability of the DRILL Nursery to improve the quality of drill instructors to impact the training to recruits.


8.INTER COY FIRING COMPETITION:-  Firing competition on various occasion are held at this premier institute to develop the marksmanship skill and to achieve the basic principal of firing Shoot to Skill.


9.INTER COY TALENT HUNT COMPETITION:-  Talent Hunt Competitions are held at this STC for overall development of the recruits as well as instructors to make them a jack of all trades.


10.DEBATE/DECLAMATION COMPETITION:-  Debate/Declamation Competitions are also held at this STC to give the platform to the recruits as well as staff to develop the speaking skills as gift of he gab is not a child's play.


11.COMPUTER EDUCATION:-  Free computer education is imparted to the spouses and wards of the BSF personnel and all efforts are there to make them self dependant by providing the technical education.


12.YOGA :-  Special emphasis is given on the Yoga Training as Yoga is quite helpful in living a healthy and stress free life. There is turmoil in all around the society and nature of duty is also very hard and Yoga is the only way to remove away all sorrowsas Yoga brings peace and harmony.

             This STC is providing the Yoga training to the Spouses and wards of the BSF personnel and also to the instructors by the Yoga Specialist from MDNIY New Delhi.


13.INTER COY SPORTS COMPETITION:-  Sports competitions are also held at this STC to develop the sportsmanship. Different sports i.e. Football ,Volleyball ,Hockey,Handball & Basketball are there to develop the sense of competition among the recruits and staff so that they can excel others.







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